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TOP 30 Influencer Marketing Agencies for Your Business

Hey there. Have you been looking for top influencer marketing agencies for your business?

If, yes then you're at the right place.

In this article, we'll talk about the top 30 influencer marketing agencies that can help you grow your brand.

As an introduction, we'll like to state that influencer marketing is a branch of digital marketing that is made up of influencer marketing platforms (web-based software), influencer marketing agencies, and combinations of these two.

Our focus in this guide is on influencer marketing agencies.

Influencer marketing offers businesses the opportunity to get results by reaching out to new audiences in an authentic way.

Occasionally, some brands directly contact influencers that represent similar goals. In other cases, many brands don't have the experience, connection, and time to do this efficiently.

And, that's where influencer marketing agencies come in handy.

If you've never worked with influencers before, then one of the best ways is to hire an influencer marketing agency.

Influencer marketing agencies allow brands to work with any influencer. Irrespective of their environmental or political concerns, size, geographical locations, affiliations, or social media platform they're on.

These agencies have the experience and knowledge needed to vet and select influencers. They use data to determine influencers that are the best fit for a brand.

Presently, there are thousands of influencers out there. The option ranges from social media superstars, celebrity influencers, micro-influencers, and so on.

Most times, brands find it very difficult to determine influencers that'll get the best results for their specific campaigns.

Influencer marketing agencies can do this for them.

In the meantime, here's our recommendation of the top 30 influencer marketing agencies that you need to know in 2019.



Influencer Marketing Agencies


Viral Nation is one of the award-winning influencer marketing agencies in the world. They specialize in influencer marketing campaign strategy and execution, influencer selection, performance marketing, content creation, and integrated brand strategy.

Viral Nation has also won several accolades and awards for their positive contributions to the influencer marketing landscape.

Furthermore, they’ve worked with top brands like Tencent Games, Crayola, Apple, and many more.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Pulse Advertising is one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in the universe. They provide services like creative campaign design, influencer selection, content creation, brand positioning and awareness, product launch, and market entry.

Furthermore, they have also worked with top brands like Adidas, Daimler, Puma, Huawei, Swatch, Gillette, Puma, and Unilever.

One of their remarkable campaigns was Longines campaign, where they promoted the Master Collection Blue - the brand's new collection.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


CrowdMEDIA is an Amsterdam-based and global digital marketing agency that partners with brands to create tailor-fit, strategic influencer marketing campaigns.

They work across over 55 countries, with over 10,000 influencers, and in more than 30 languages.

CrowdMEDIA helps businesses from various vertices to embrace digital marketing.

Furthermore, they have also worked with leading brands like Apple, Nescafe, N26, Bourjois, and Foreo.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


August United is another leading influencer marketing agency that assists businesses to reach their target audience and achieve their objectives. Their mission is to activate and work with influencers that drive positive business results.

They work with influencers in three phases.

Influencer strategy (performance control, campaign concept development, identification), influencer activation (awareness growing, marketing campaign amplification), and network development.

Furthermore, August United has also worked with famous brands like Persil, EdTech, Fred Meyer, and Ralphs.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Kairos Media began from a university dorm, and it has evolved since its inception. It's a global influencer marketing agency that offers services like content creation, media buying, and influencer strategy.

Kairos Media has a trustworthy relationship with influencers from parenting, gaming, fitness, travel, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty industries.

They've also collaborated with some of the world's leading brands like Amazon, Vodafone, Flaregames, Barcadi, and Papa John's Pizza.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Carusele provides guaranteed results and services like web traffic, engagement, reach, conversions, and traffic to American's best retailers and brands.

As an influencer marketing agency, Carusele believes in achieving tangible and meaningful results.

Some of their trustworthy clients are Tyson Foods, Walgreens, Hallmark, and Starbucks.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


HireInfluence is a world-class influencer marketing agency with over eight years of professional experience.

They're true experts and have collaborated with thousands of leading influencers across multiple countries. They're also out there to connect brands with their audiences using INFLUENCE.

HireInfluence specializes in consulting and customized promotional campaigns.

Furthermore, they've also worked with global brands like Southwest Airlines, Adidas, Howard Johnson, Oreo, Payless Shoes, eBay, and many more.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Mediakis is one of the best influencer marketing agencies and top producers of influencer marketing content in the world.

They're focused on Instagram and YouTube influencer marketing.

Furthermore, they've also worked with top brands like Blue Apron, Uber, 505 Games, Golin, Nordstrum, Birchbox, and more.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


HelloSociety is a full-service influencer marketing agency that's involved in influencer-powered social media marketing.

They have a network of over 1500 influencers from diverse niches, and they work with businesses and other agencies to create campaigns that they use with their influencers.

Furthermore, HelloSociety has also worked with a host of leading brands like Airbnb, Covergirl, Coca Cola, Bosch, and Chevrot.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Billion Dollar Boy is one of the most creative influencer marketing agencies that focus on influencer marketing to male audiences.

They're mostly interested in niches like food and drink, health and fitness, sport, music, comedy, style and grooming, and fashion.

Billion Dollar Boy also has an influencer network of over 4,000 influencers, and they help to execute campaigns that involve events, affiliate marketing, sponsored content and paid campaigns.


Influencer Marketing Agencies

11: JIN

Jin is a communications agency that specializes in public relations and digital influencer marketing. They've served more than 200 clients in the US, Europe, and France.

Jin offers services like employee advocacy, brand and influencer marketing. They help brands to solidify their roles through a singular authentic voice.

They're also involved in analyzing the competitive environment, assessing customer experience, building customer persona, and identifying trends and weak signals.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Cure Media is a Sweden-based influencer marketing network that has performed more than 10,000 campaigns across Instagram and YouTube. They feature more than 150,000 social media influencers on their growing network.

Additionally, Cure Media has also worked with many top-leading brands like Philips, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Disney, Puma, Toyota, and Warner Brothers.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Summer is a world-class influencer marketing agency that connects brands with influencers. In addition to designing and running campaigns, Summer also manages careers and maintain partnerships with influencers.

Through their partnership, they've been able to build a reliable network with some of the world's leading influencers.

Additionally, they've also worked with brands like Google, Jaguar, Carphone Warehouse, Adidas, Loreal, and more.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Digital Voices is a global influencer marketing agency that specializes in influencer partnerships and YouTube campaigns. They work directly with brands to build their tailored influencer marketing campaigns.

Digital Voices also offer advice on photography, design, negotiation, video, and strategy. They also believe that creativity is a winning strategy and that it's essential for brands to build a community.

Furthermore, they've also worked with clients like Oxfam, The Economist, and Island.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Socially Powerful is a world-class influencer marketing agency that offers large-scale influencer marketing services. They also connect brands to content creators across Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Musically.

Additionally, Socially Powerful also features an influencer matching system, a dedicated influencer network, analytics, and many more.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Urban Nerds is a London-based youth marketing agency that offers tailored marketing campaigns and plans for brands that are looking to grow their reach.

They’re out to promote young talents and youth culture.

Furthermore, they've also worked with global brands like BBC, Converse, Doc Martens, and Puma.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Obviously is an influencer marketing agency that seeks to help brands with all the entire influencer marketing process.

Presently, Obviously has established a strong relationship with over 400,000 influencers from diverse niches.

They have a base in Sydney, Paris, and Los Angeles, and they can run campaigns anywhere in the world.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


The Outloud Group is a Detroit-based influencer marketing agency that creates and executes impressive influencer marketing campaigns. They partner with influencers and brands to deliver highly authentic and effective marketing campaigns.

Additionally, they also provide talent representation services to renowned and quality influencers. Trustworthy and reliable influencers handle most of the campaigns managed by The Outloud Group.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Hypertly is a global influencer agency that combines the capabilities of an influencer marketing platform and an influencer marketing agency.

Hypertly identifies micro-influencers to be one of the most engaging humans in the world. They give credit to micro-influencers and work with them to help build brand credibility.

They've worked with brands like Baxter of California, Inglot, Starwood Sports, and L'Oreal.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


INF Influencer Agency is a Canadian-based influencer agency that is fully aware of the importance of influencer marketing.

INF Influencer Agency is more like an influencer management agency, and they work with Feldman Agency – a music management group that handles talent management and booking, artist representation, corporate consulting, and event services.

They offer services like curated collections, product placement, content creation, brand representation, and more.

Additionally, they help to develop opportunities, grow their influencer's brands, and manage offers.



Parental Influence is a marketing agency that focuses on social media management, digital consultancy, and influencer marketing.

They're out there to connect social media influencers and brands to become one big family.

Even though Parental Influence sounds like an unusual name in the industry, they emphasize the human aspect of influencer marketing.

They offer tailored influencer marketing solutions and can see brands through all the entire influencer marketing process.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Stryde is an eCommerce focused digital marketing agency that works with different kinds of brands.

They offer services like social media and influencer marketing, PPC, SEO, and content marketing.

As a global agency, Stryde believes in the power of combining their services to become a single unit.

They've worked with influencers on Blogger, Instagram, and Facebook.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Redpill is one of the leading contents and influencer marketing agencies in London. They provide brands with campaigns that open their minds and motivate them.

They have a network of over 26,000 influencers across Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Furthermore, they've also worked with over 39,000 social influencers, vloggers, and publishers across 57 different territories.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Influencer champions is a leading influencer marketing agency that helps to place a brand's message, product, and services before the most appropriate influencers.

They've helped over 100 brands to work with trustworthy and result-oriented influencers. Additionally, Influencer Champions also offer campaign management services from beginning to end.


Influencer Marketing Agencies

25: IMA

IMA (Influencer Marketing Agency) is one of the prominent influencer marketing agencies that helps brands to engage and reach out to a global audience by working with influencers.

They have a network of over 20,000 digital influencers, and they usually assign an influencer to a brand based on data.

Furthermore, IMA has also worked with brands like TomTom, Samsung, Diesel, Mini, and Calvin Klein.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Passion Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers many digital services like social media services, SEO, PPC, website design and development, and influencer marketing.

They have a network of trustworthy influencers from many diverse niches. Additionally, they make use of social monitoring and digital research tools to find other appropriate influencers.

Afterward, they help businesses to manage their campaigns using the vloggers, celebrities, bloggers, and Instagrammer's of their customer's choice.



Sprout Content is an inbound marketing agency that creates content for brands in the underrated industries.

They offer services like performance content, inbound marketing, web development, and influencer marketing.

Sprout Content help b2b firms to position their content before their potential customer's decision-makers.

Additionally, they also help brands to build up a stable relationship with influencer people and prominent business sites in their niche.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


TopRank Marketing is a global influencer marketing agency that mainly focuses on b2b and b2c companies. They work with businesses, irrespective of their level or niche.

TopRank Marketing uses an "Attract, Engage and Convert" marketing approach. They offer the following digital marketing services: website analytics and conversion optimization, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Americanoize is a Florida-based influencer marketing agency that aims to deliver influencer marketing services that'll help to improve a brand's value, sales, and following.

As influencer marketing experts, Americanoize has also worked with some leading brands like Samsung, McDonald's, Apple, Ray-Ban, and more.


Influencer Marketing Agencies


Stack Influence is an influencer marketing agency that works with micro-influencers to help brands and merchants increase their sales and get more traffic.

Their marketing campaigns are based on the following core components: brand inspection, influencer accumulation, campaign management, product purchases, curated content, and engagement analysis.



Here's a recap of what we covered in this article.

We talked about 30 different digital influencer agencies that can help you grow your brand.

We do hope that you'll use the list to get the agency that perfectly fits your brand.

That's all for now.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever worked with an influencer marketing agency before now? What were the results and experience like? Please share your opinions in the comment section below.

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