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Welcome to another lovely chapter of our publication. In this article, we'll consider 15 reasons why your brand should switch to micro-influencers.

We'll like to begin by declaring that it may seem cool to get support from leading influencers or stars who have millions of followers.

But then they may not have what it takes to shape the perception of your brand or also affect the behavior of their fans.

Here are some questions worth asking: do fans love their content? Are they seen as experts on the specific product field, topic, or subject they share with their fans?

It all begins with reliability and trust, and this is where micro-influencers come into the picture.

Micro-influencers are individuals who can affect people's beliefs about a particular product or brand. They aren't VIPs, regular celebs or even famous social media influencers, but they're experts in their niche.

These micro-influencers are seen as people who can offer real and unique judgments about products. Their endorsements carry more weight, and people look up to them as a trusted source for advice on what to buy or not.

There are many benefits of micro-influencer campaigns, including the ability to mount cheap and regular promotions than anyone working with a stardom influencer.

Smart marketers are now taking a second look at family or "mommy" bloggers, lifestyle writers, video bloggers, and recipe podcasters as possible sources for attentive new audiences.

That said, let's dive into the main subject of this article.



Micro-influencers are normal people who have a passion for a topic or niche. They tend to share their recommendations, likes, views, and opinions about products and services in the niche.

These set of influencers have a small but faithful fan base of people who also like the products they recommend.

Micro-influencers apply to become real influencers via websites like YrInfluencer and Tribe (both sites focus on Instagram).

One of the features of micro-influencers on the platforms stated above is their top-notch photography.

Brands that want to work with micro-influencers need to tender their briefs through influencer marketing programs. Afterward, influencers apply, and brands select those that meet their criteria.

In addition to a higher engagement rates, micro-influencers are less costly to work with than celebrities. They have become heroes for everyday products and services that people won't discuss with family or friends.

When related to the average consumer every week, micro-influencers have 22.2 times more "buying conversions", and their recommendations are more specific and direct to their follower's interest.

In many ways, micro-influencers are regarded as top influencers, thanks to their high engagement levels and relationships with their audience.




There are now new labels for the different forms of influencers, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Below are the different categories of influencer marketers.

switch to micro influencers


Celebrity accounts have 1,000,000+ followers with relatively med/low level engagement rates. These influencers are typically already famous in society and mainstream media.

switch to micro influencers


These influencers have around 100,000-1,000,000 followers. Typically these influencers have high follower reach but low engagement levels.

This is due to their reach being so wide, not every piece of content can be directed at their total audience. Instead small partitions of their audience interacts with each piece of content.



These influencers have around 10,000 to 100,000 followers. They also have a decently high follower reach with average engagement levels.

Typically, this is where you will find the up &  coming stars of social media.



These influencers have around 1,000 to 10,000 followers. They also have low follower reach and high engagement levels.

Micro-Influencers are able to connect more personably with each of their followers. Not to mention produce extremely targeted content that resonates highly with their audience.



These influencers have around 500 to 1,000 followers. They also have low follower reach and high engagement levels.

Nano-Influencers can be any account that is trying to build a community and has been doing so for somewhat of a consistent basis. There are a lot of personal accounts that would fit into this area. However, they are looking to share content with their friends & remain in connection with some of their favorite brands/businesses.


Now that we've discussed the influencer-game in view, we'll now review some reasons you need to work with micro-influencers.



switch to micro influencers


Take just a few seconds and think about these subjects:

Why are micro-influencers better?
Why should brands work with micro-influencers?

Well, the answer is easy.

Micro-influencers are accessible and can work with brands of all sizes.

Big celebrities and mega-influencers charge tens of thousands of dollars for just a single post. But then, micro-influencers charge a couple of hundred dollars on the average.

A lower budget enables you to work with various influencers at once. It also enhances ROI and allows brands to reach a tailored audience.

switch to micro influencers


According to Socialbakers, 31% of Americans make purchase decisions based on referrals from influencers. Moreover, 82% of Americans buy products based on recommendations from friends.

This infers that leads from micro-influencers are more qualified than leads from other marketing efforts.

switch to micro influencers


It can be challenging for celebrity influencers to persuade consumers about using some products and services, especially if it seems like they don't use the product/service themselves. For instance, do you think Kylie Jenner will market a brand of dish soap?

After all, it's valid to assume that as a superstar, Jenner doesn't do her dishes. This signifies a disconnection between celebrities and everyday products used by consumers.

On the other hand, micro-influencers are mortals (just like the rest of us). They're people with a genuine passion for a topic, and they create good content.

Furthermore, their evaluation of a brand's product would be real, honest, and people can sense that. The recommendations from micro-influencers affect purchase decisions and consumers find value in it.



Without a doubt, celebrity endorsements have a significant influence on a customer's purchasing decision. From food to beverage to fashion, brands pay a large amount of money to famous influencers that influence millions of followers on social media.

According to the data published by Adweek in 2016, the top six social media influencers were Beyonce, Kendall, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez.

For a single mention of a brand's product and services, it was estimated that some high-profile influencers receive around $500,000!

switch to micro influencers

Well, not every brand can afford this. Also, a prosperous influencer marketing campaign will even require more than one mention to impact sales.

While the exposure helps to create consumer recognition and launch a new company/product, marketing experts concur that it's more productive to work with many influencers and omni-channel marketing.

Luckily, micro-influencers are affordable, and you don't need to spend much money before you can work with them.

Some micro-influencers love the products they promote and can even recommend the products in exchange for a free product and no extra costs.

switch to micro influencers


Micro-influencers are real people who can get your products and brand in front of the right audience.

They have an active audience and can always get a response from their followers.

In the last few years, YouTube micro-influencers have been obtaining more engagement rates than celebrities.

Variety survey stated in their reviews that YouTube stars are now exhibiting more of an impact than hot celebrities like Johnny Depp or Taylor Swift.

Amid the top ten most famous figures, 8 were YouTube stars and not well-known celebrities.

switch to micro influencers


Trust is one of the most influential forces that exist today. It's a unique asset and can result in a loyal relationship that outlasts the worst times.

Besides, a customer that trusts your products and brand might become a representative and loyal customer for life.

One way to build this level of trust for your brand is by working with a micro-influencer.

If your micro-influencer values your product, your followers will also do the same.

switch to micro influencers


When micro-influencers promote a product they love, their effort can bring in more qualified leads than many PPC ads.

Research reveals that influencer marketing is a thriving customer purchase channel, beating email marketing, organic search, and paid search.

51% of marketers also said that the kind of customers acquired via influencer marketing is better than those obtained through other marketing strategies.

Micro-influencer exerts influence in specific niches, and they also promote higher-quality, targeted, and relevant leads.

switch to micro influencers


Another reason a brand needs to work with micro-influencers is that they create good content.

Like we had mentioned, most micro-influencers have top-notch photography, and brands can benefit from this. They can also create various types of content while sustaining brand quality.

Many brands have PR and marketing departments that can create content, but micro-influencers also add some "special" touch that make the content more suitable to their audience.

switch to micro influencers


The micro-influencer marketing ecosystem is competitive, and there are thousands of micro-influencers out there across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and all forms of social media. The contest inspires many influencers to be creative.

Some micro-influencers create content every day, many times in a day, and innovation is needed to create articles that people will love.

The novelty and expertise of working with businesses mean that micro-influencers will bring a unique perspective to your campaign.

switch to micro influencers


Micro-influencers have highly-targeted niche audiences, and they're a classic option for brands that want to reach a specific audience.

When choosing micro-influencers, you need to be specific and also prioritize the influencer's audience.

It's better not to work with influencers who don't have the audience that you're trying to reach.

switch to micro influencers


Yeah, they're more readily available to both their clients and audiences. Micro-influencers create time to respond to their audiences' comments and questions. They can even push the brand or product they're working with by attending relevant events and engaging more with their followers.

This way, they're able to have both an online and offline presence that brands can benefit from.

When working with micro-influencers, you can always communicate with them. They're also approachable, and they help brands to achieve their goal via different approaches.

It's easier to build a relationship with micro-influencers than high-profile celebrities.

switch to micro influencers


If you aim to connect with a target market, then micro-influencer advertising and marketing is a better value for money. It even outsmarts traditional advertising and PR.

When you work with micro-influencers, the collaborations can generate an exceptional ROI.

Tap Influencer even discovered that the ROI for influencer marketing is 11 times more than that of traditional digital marketing.



A record by Mention shows that 15.7% of Instagrammers have anything between 1k and 10k followers, which is suitable for micro-influencers.

When the percentage is applied to Instagram's one billion-plus user count, you will find out that there are about 157 million micro-influencers that brands can choose from.

That's a considerable number.

Also, you can expect to find these micro-influencers in any category imaginable.

Influencer marketing has grown into places like non-traditional sales and B2B. So, irrespective of what you sell, there's likely to be dozens of micro-influencers that you can choose from.

switch to micro influencers


Usually, the traditional influencers with thousands of followers can be more of a celebrity than a friend. This cast doesn't apply to micro-influencers.

This survey reveals that Micro-influencers are more friendly and approachable than celebrities. In the study, consumers were asked why they trusted and followed influencers.

Among the feedbacks, simplicity was nearly twice as vital as popularity. The survey respondents also rated the integrity of several groups on social media, and the micro-influencer trust and category stood out in the past years.

61% of people stated that the information from micro-influencers is honest.

switch to micro influencers


If you're looking to increase the subscribes in your referral program or build your subscriber base, then micro-influencers can help.

When they share their encounters with your brand and the perks of the program, people are more likely to subscribe and become customers. They're also highly susceptive to start the sales funnel process.

A survey was carried out to get the views of many experts on the benefit of influencer marketing, and a large number of experts stated they use micro-influencers.



In this article, we talked about why your brand should switch to micro-influencers.

Below are the primary topics discussed:

  • What are micro-influencers?

  • The influencer game in-view and

  • Why are micro-influencers important?

Micro-influencers have become a vital part of an efficient marketing strategy for all brands. They allow brands to reach more demographics and geographic areas with the same budgets. These set of people are more likely to have influence and stronger engagement rates with their followers.

We do hope that you found this article useful.

Now, we'll love to hear from you.

In your view, why are micro-influencers better? Why should brands switch to micro-influencers? Please sound off your ideas in the comments section below.

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