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Proven Strategies for Growing Your Personal Brand

Hey there, have you been looking for an article that talks about proven strategies for growing your personal brand?

If yes, then you're just in time.

In this article, we'll show you how to start and grow your personal brand.

Are you pondering why branding yourself is essential? Well, for starters, you need to understand that everyone has a personal brand. Personal branding has a crucial role to play in the development of your career.

If you want to increase the chance of advancing in your career, it's essential to understand how to brand yourself properly. That way, you'll get to quickly excel in your career and also attain your dream life.

In simple words, personal branding is centered around creating a public identity for your target audience. It encompasses your goals, values, purpose, and beliefs.

For those who aren't aware, personal branding is akin to business branding. Just that in personal branding, you'll be marketing yourself. Whether you create it or not, personal branding exists.

Let's try out something little. Just take a moment and search yourself on Google. You'll notice that the search results are impressions that people have of you. Now, the information that people get to see mainly depends on what you share across all social media platforms.

With the rise in the use of social media, it's now essential for everyone to improve personal branding- it'll help you to create connections with people from several industries.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that there are no limits to personal branding. When you build your reputation, you'll have a higher chance of getting more exposure.

For example, you'll get the opportunity to speak at an event and also build meaningful connections with different people thanks to the reputation you have with others.

Enough of the talk, let's get into something more interesting.



Personal branding is essential because it helps to give an individual more credibility.

At the moment, it's now more competitive to earn a paycheck or even land a new job. More people are now building personal brands and if you want to get noticed, then you need to put yourself out there.

When built successfully, a personal brand will make you more accessible to recruiters, especially if you've been blogging about your brand.

If you're looking to land a higher position in your place of work or a new company, then you can showcase essential information like the number of traffic your website gets, the number of followers you have, and other metrics that differentiate you from the other candidates.

You can think of a personal brand as an online portfolio about yourself. It allows more people to know you and the value you bring.

It can also help you to land new opportunities like marketing partnerships or business deals that you wouldn't have otherwise.

Self-branding instills credibility and trust in your abilities or knowledge. That way, businesses will know that they can improve brand awareness by partnering with you.

When done authentically, a personal brand will differentiate you from others in your field.



Are you thinking about starting your personal brand? Do you want to promote your personal brand?

If yes, then this is the section you've been waiting for.

Here are some best practices for growing your personal brand:

growing your personal brand


When it comes to press and coverage, too many people are usually unfocused, trying to be everything to everyone.

Visionary people don't work that way.

According to Cooper Harris (Founder and CEO of Klickly), One of the best ways to grow your brand is by deciding what your key message is and sticking to it.

Cooper's personal brand has endured a dramatic shift- from being a working actress to a well-esteemed tech entrepreneur. All through, she handled the change by focusing on a single message at a time.

When your message is focused and tailored for your target demographic, it'll become easier to have others define you and also create content around your personal brand.

Adam Smiley Poswolsky (author of the Breakthrough Speaker and millennial workplace expert) takes this a bit further with the following words: if you want to promote your brand fast, then you need to "carve a niche and carve another niche within your niche."

He believes that the best personal brands are very specific.

If you want to become memorable within a targeted community, then you need to keep your content and message specific to a single niche topic.

When your personal brand is more focused and narrower, people will find it easier to remember who you are.

Besides, when it's time to hire a new employee or speaker, it's your personal brand that'll make you more noticeable.

growing your personal brand


If you want to have an original brand, then you must be authentic and genuine. According to Monica Lin (head of marketing at Popular Demand and Millennial Influencer), people can see right through a dishonest act. When people perceive your brand as a copycat, more people will call out a perpetrator for it.

Monica's brand grew beyond expectations after she started to engage more meaningfully with her Twitter audience.

It pays to be genuine. That way, you can easily manage your brand every day.

Yeah, your personal brand should be a representation of you and how you reach out to an audience.

Justin Wu (founder of CoinState) believes that before starting a brand, it's essential to be a master of your industry, skill set, and craft. That is the best way to build content that best describes who you are.

When Justin was building his brand, he gathered experience and became well-known as a professional in his field. At the same time, he was also amplifying his personal brand on social media.

If you're extremely skilled in one niche, your status alone will help you to build a personal brand of choice.

growing your personal brand


The third strategy for growing your personal brand lies in your ability to tell a story. As a matter of fact, it's generally believed that a personal brand that doesn't tell a story will most likely lose half of its potential brand.

In the words of Allen Gannett (author of the Creative Curve and chief strategy officer at Skyword), the most powerful personal brands these days are built upon the foundation of a true narrative.

He believes that single character monologues are boring for your personal brand.

Actually, no one wants to hear you talk about your personal brand into the social media void. It's best to create a story that your audience can engage with.

For instance, Allen usually meets and chats with his fans in airports around the world. That way, he was able to develop his friendly and warm personal brand further.

According to Pelpina Trip, one of the greatest ways to tell a story is via video or written content. She has a very high level of engagement on her video channel on LinkedIn.

Pelpina believes that the most personal way to tell a story online is via video. She believes that you can use your smartphone to connect with co-workers, connect with prospective clients, and also send video messages to your clients. After all, most people are always with their smartphones.

growing your personal brand


When it comes to the subject of consistency, you can think of it as having a very narrow focus: If you want to promote your personal brand, then consistency is key.

After all, it's much easier to get known for a single content if you continuously create brand voice and content around it.

It's essential to remain consistent, both offline and online. You also have to demonstrate consistency across your appearance, gravitas, and communication.

Never undervalue the impact of tiny inconsistencies because it can derail the effectiveness of even the best personal brand.

Whether you're creating a corporate, conservative brand or an incredibly, wild out-there fun brand, consistency is essential.

growing your personal brand


In the real sense, failure is tough, and no one wants to be attributed to it- that's human nature.

But, if you want your personal brand to stand out from the crowd, then you need to have a positive disposition towards failure.

For instance, Walt Disney believes that it's essential to have a good hard failure when you're young. That way, you'll get to learn a lot and also become aware of what can happen to you.

Timothy Haong always tells his influencer clients that they'll never achieve the best brand until they fail several times while growing beyond the comfort zone.

The very best personal brands usually are born out of repeated errors and trials, failure and mistakes, and not from immediate perfection.

growing your personal brand


When you've developed your personal brand for a while, you can grow the brand in either of the following ways: gradually build a community around your brand or burn bridges by hopping over others.

Here's a pearl of wisdom from Jacob Shwirtz (head of social media partnerships at WeWork):

My advice on personal branding is always to remember that you're a brand, irrespective of your current job, whatever your priorities are, or the project you happen to be working on. It's essential to continually recall the impact you leave on others and the fact that all we have is our reputation and brand.

We can't agree less that one of the best practices for growing your personal brand is by keeping a positive attitude and also helping others.

growing your personal brand


If you're really interested in growing a personal brand, then it's important to start marketing yourself like the influential people and celebrities you look up to every day.

For instance, Jason Wong's (CEO of Wonghaus Ventures) personal brand has risen to fame several times over subjects like ice cream in Japan, inflatable memes, and pool toys. This even made people tag him as the "Meme King."

Jason's success can be attributed to his ability to study famous individuals and trends on different social media networks and then applying them with a twist.

When you creatively dissect social analytics and pay attention to all social media platforms, then you, too, can as well grow to become the next big brand in your niche.

growing your personal brand


Just like we mentioned before, it becomes hard to create or even promote your personal brand if you separate it from your personal life.

While this is achievable, it's much easier to have a personal brand that represents your actual lifestyle at the initial phase.

Ideally, your personal brand should follow you everywhere you go- it needs to be an exact representation of who you are and also amplify what you believe.

With this in mind, you'll get to understand better that your personal brand isn't only a reflection of a series like creative, finance, or marketing. But it also covers things like mentorship, thoughtful leadership, and giving back.

growing your personal brand


In the social media landscape, the best public relation is by word of mouth. The same rule applies to anyone that wants to create a personal brand in the public sphere.

For instance, Aaron Orendorff of Shopify Plus tells his personal story via lively videos and the occasional bunny co-host. That way, his audience always finds it very easy to remember the animal friends and bright outfits and relate the story to interpret his brand.

Aaron believes that personal branding is the story people tell about you in your absence. Indeed, as an individual, all you have in your life is your name and the reputation you've built.

growing your personal brand


After you've built your personal brand with an active community and reputation to back it up, the next is to start building a legacy that you'll leave behind.

What are the actions and keywords that you want to be known for?

Blake Jamieson of Blake Jamieson LLC believes that it's much more essential to build a brand than even a business. He believes that legacy is the only exit strategy.



We've now come to the end of this article; We were able to talk about some proven strategies for growing your personal brand.

Always remember that a personal brand is a long-term project that continually changes and evolves.

Even the professionals who enhance and build the biggest brands are fully aware that there are no hard-and-fast rules for creating and growing your personal brand.

However, the strategies we mentioned in this article will give you the necessary momentum needed to make significant moves and strides.

We do hope that you find this article useful.

Now, we'll love to hear from you.

Do you have other proven strategies or best practices for growing your personal brand? How do you promote your personal brand? Please drop off your comments below.

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