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How to Pick the Right Influencer? | 10 Factors to Consider

Hey there. Have you ever found yourself confused about how to pick the right influencer?

If yes, then this article is for you.

In this piece, we'll take you through 10 essential factors to consider when picking the right influencer.

For starters, we'll like to state that one of the best ways to attract mass attention to your brand offerings is by connecting with one or more influencers.

Whether you like it or not, social media influencers are essential in internet marketing, and they're here to stay.

As you may know, these influencers can drive significant interest to your brand, while also lending legitimacy to your products and/or services.

They also help to put a brand's image directly in the spotlight, at the top-of-mind, and even the center stage.

According to Emarketer, about 89% of brands believe that influencer marketing could positively influence people's feelings about any given organization.

That's perhaps, why influencer marketing has grown significantly in the past few years.

Whether you're promoting an event, service, product, or any offerings, it might just be excellent to invest heavily in searching for one or more of these social media influencers and have them promote your brand.

But then, you can't just reach out to anyone on social media (just because they have mass amounts of followers).

It's essential to select the right influencer for your influencer marketing campaigns.

But here are some quick questions: how do you decide if an influencer is right for your brand? With the continuously increasing number of social media influencers, how do you determine who to choose for your campaign?

If you don't have answers to any of the questions, don't worry.

This article will provide you with all the vital information needed to select the right influencer and spot influencers with fake followers.

Let's dive deep.

the right influencer


When it comes to selecting the right influencer, it's essential first to set up your influencer marketing campaign.

When setting up your campaign, there can be a variety of goals you want to achieve.

Some of which may include:

  • App or sales download

  • Content creation

  • Followers or newsletter subscribers on social media

  • Brand awareness

Your campaign goal will determine how you want to collaborate with influencers.

For example, if your campaign goal is to create content, then it'd be more beneficial to work with influencers who have photography skills; and not influencers who might have reach but little content.

When you set your campaign goal before selecting influencers, you'd be more likely to choose influencers that'll help you reach your goals alongside your brand's identity.

Now that you're aware of the very first thing to do before selecting influencers, we'll now talk about different factors to consider when picking influencers.



When it comes to influencer marketing campaigns, there's perhaps no decision more significant than choosing and vetting influencers.

As a matter of fact, a brand's influencer marketing campaign will be a wasted investment if they're not working with the right influencers.

While it's enticing to use a single metric like Twitter followers or unique visitors as a measure of influencer, it's essential to look deeper.

The truth is that there are a million factors to consider when selecting influencers to work with.

However, here are the top ten factors that'll help marketers to decide the right influencers.

the right influencer


Relevance is the very first factor to consider when selecting influencers because it helps you to collaborate with influencers, who are a good fit for your brand.

When you're looking through an influencer's social media profile, you should be able to imagine your products and/or services being advertised there.

You can read through the influencer's archived post to get a sense of the kind of content they post and what kind of consumer they are.

Are you looking for permissive moms, fashionistas, coffee drinkers, or budget-travelers?

Is proactiveness or profanity part of your business?

These are essential things to look for in the audience and content of an influencer. Plus, they're even far more important than traffic.

the right influencer


Before entering into any partnership with an influencer, it's essential to confirm whether you have matching values with the influencer.

Besides, it'd be out-of-place to ask vegan influencers to endorse meat products to their audience.

To get a sense of an influencer's value, you can go through their bio, captions, photos, and videos.

Their bios might reveal some of their dislikes and likes, what causes they support, and the kind of brand they work for. You can read influencer's caption to see what they believe in and what they usually talk about. Furthermore, you can also look for videos and photos that can be related to your industry and niche.

After all the evaluation, you can then be able to evaluate an influencer's value, what they stand for, and the kind of content they create.

If an influencer has the values that match yours, then they can always create content that will work well for your brand.

the right influencer


If you must reach out to your potential consumers, then it's essential to work with influencers with the relevant audience for your brand.

You can make use of audience demographic features (usually available on influencer marketing platforms) to look for influencers who have an audience in your target gender, age, or location.

That way, you'll get to reach out to the right audience and also communicate about your products and/or services.

the right influencer


In the real sense, authentic influencers are more likely to have a loyal and dedicated following.

They're able to build up audience trust and loyalty by becoming experts in their niche such as fashion, food and drinks, beauty, etc.

Authentic influencers show their expertise by sharing genuine stories, personal advice, and tips along with their suggestions.

To validate the authenticity of an influencer, you can scroll through their captions on both sponsored and regular posts.

It's best to look through your brand's mentions or hashtags to look for influencers who are already following you. These influencers are already familiar with your brand which will make for fantastic brand sponsorship. Not to mention, more authentic.

the right influencer


It's essential when choosing the right Influencer for your campaign to pick an Influencer that is both active and engaged with the community and surrounding influencers.

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect Influencer with an excellent target audience and engagement. Only to find out they post 1-2 a week and keep up very little conversations with the community.

It's important to have an active Influencer, these are the influencers that spend all day creating content and connecting with their audience. They have far stronger bonds with their fans & audience than more dormant influencers.

Not to mention, if they are connected with other Influencers in the niche. It gives your brand some organic Word of Mouth Marketing amongst the Influencers which could lead to more brand sponsorships and influencer campaigns.

the right influencer


To ensure that your collaborations run effectively and smoothly, the influencers you choose to work with must be trustworthy.

For instance, if you work with an influencer that's a slow communicator, it can prevent you from completing timely collaborations.

Reliable and trustworthy influencers are proactive, and they should always reply to your messages professionally and promptly.

If influencers take many days to reply to your messages, it might be a pointer that they'll be very slow at communications when you start working together.

Additionally, some influencer marketing platforms have a review system. You can always read through to see the feedback brands left for influencers after their last collaboration.

the right influencer


Engagement rate is an indication of how well people resonate with and respond to an influencer's content.

When an influencer has a good engagement rate, it shows that his audience cares about what he publishes.

Here's how to calculate the engagement rate for a post:

Add the total number of comments and likes the influencer gets on a random sample of recent posts. Divide the result by the influencer's total number of followers then multiply the result by 100.

For instance, if you want to calculate the average engagement rate on an Instagram profile, all you need is to find the average engagement rate for a minimum of 10 different posts.

Aside from calculating the engagement rates, you can also check whether an influencer responds to his followers' questions on time.

It's generally believed that influencers who quickly respond to their audience's comments develop great relationships with their followers.

In such cases, their followers are more likely to invest in the content shared by such influencers.

the right influencer


When you partner with social media influencers, you're allowing them to create sponsored posts for your brand.

Their content will be representing your business/brand, it's essential always to check whether the quality of their content is a fit for your brand.

When you look at an influencer's profile, it's advisable always to check if their content is consistent, creative, well-composed, and optimized for social media.

the right influencer


When you search for social media influencers, you might come across some who have fake engagement or followers.

To determine whether they're real or not, it's essential to be on the lookout for the following abnormalities:

  • The influencer has a very low or high engagement for their number of followers

  • The influencer's content has poor quality, but he has a high following

  • Majority of the comments on the influencer's posts are repetitive, spammy and generic

  • When compared to their following size, the influencer's videos have a very low number of views

  • The influencers don't have much content, but they have a large following and high number of engagements

  • A large number of the influencer's audience has the following traits: strange usernames, no profile photos, little or no content, copied bios, stock profile photos, anonymous profiles, etc.

  • The influencers are following more people, and they have fewer followers. For instance, they may have 2,000 followers, but they're following 8,000 people. This follower to following relationship might be as a result of "follow-unfollow" or "follow-for-follow" tactics.

Always remember that an influencer even if influencer's profile displays one or more of the abovementioned abnormalities, it doesn't necessarily mean that the creator is fake. It's always good to examine an influencer's profile in the correct context.

For instance, a sudden increase in an influencer's follower count might be as a result of them being featured on Instagram's Discover page. In such cases, the follower burst can't be attributed to buying fake followers.

the right influencer


Influencer reach is another crucial factor to consider when selecting the right influencers to work with. Typically, when brands consider influencers for a campaign, they'd want to know the number of persons that can view an influencer's content.

You need to work with influencers with a reach that's relevant to your brand. It's also worth noting that followers and traffics are only relevant to the extent that an influencer is reaching out to a brand's target demographics.

For example, if you're a rental car company or hotel chain, a travel blogger with a small reach would be more influential and beneficial than a food blogger with 90,000 unique monthly visitors.

You also need to consider the other social media platforms your customers visit. For instance, if you're a fashion or food brand, then someone with a large following on Instagram or Pinterest might be more useful than someone with a broad audience on Facebook.



For starters, below are different ways to find social media influencers to work with:

the right influencer


In the real sense, some influencers use category-specific or branded hashtags (such as hashtags related to travel or lifestyle) when sharing content.

You can always select the hashtags that apply to your brand and search for influencers you'd love to work with.

the right influencer


Another way to search for influencers is by registering on influencer marketing platforms. Afterward, you can always filter the list of available influencers to find those that are relevant to your brand.

Some influencer marketing channels provide campaign support- which makes it possible for users to launch and manage campaigns.

the right influencer


In addition to the methods above, you can also use databases to search for influencers.

In the database, you'll find certain important information about an influencer's profile, like their posting frequency and follower sizes.

But then it's worth noting that unlike influencer marketing platforms, you cannot be able to launch campaigns on databases.

the right influencer


Another very simple and straightforward way of finding influencers in your industry is by searching for them on Google. You can always browse through the search results to access a list of influencers. Afterward, you can narrow the search to just a few selected influencers.



Here's an outline of what we covered in this article:

  • First things to consider before selecting influencers

  • Factors to consider when choosing influencers and

  • Where you can find influencers

We'll like to end this article by stating that even though influencer marketing is very vital for your brand, you need to discover the right influencers who are always working hard to reach the right audience, deliver quality bespoke services and share high-quality content that aligns with your goals and objectives.

We do hope that you'd consider the factors we talked about whenever you're thinking about selecting influencers for your brand.

Now, we'd love to hear from you.

If you have comments, observations, or contributions to this article titled "How to pick the right influencer? | 10 factors to consider," please sound off your views in the comment section below.



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