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How to Start Your First YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaign

Hey there, it’s a happy new year from all of us at Your Charisma. We bring to you this fantastic topic: how to start your first YouTube influencer marketing campaign.

For starters, it's worth noting that as social media usage increases each year, platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram become a considerable part of our lives.

Also, influencer marketing has rapidly become the most-effective and fastest-growing form of advertising.

Now, instead of turning to televisions for entertainment and news, audiences look to social media to learn about the world around them.

A lot of people also seek out recommendations from Snapchat stars, Instagrammers, and YouTubers about where to shop, eat, or travel destinations.

When it comes to video influencer marketing, YouTube is the go-to platform.

For a more proper context, YouTube is home to many of the world's leading stars on the internet. It has also become a platform where the world engages with fascinating videos in an infinite number of content categories.

Through video marketing on YouTube, you can generate leads, improve your visibility, and even get more conversions.

As a matter of fact, about 84% of marketers believe that video marketing has helped to improve their website traffic.

With more than 2 billion active users every month, YouTube is the second-largest search engine and one of the largest social media platforms.

The high potential of video marketing on YouTube has persuaded many marketers to jump on to the bandwagon.

Influencer marketing, on the other hand, is a very useful method of marketing your brand and/or products.

By collaborating with influencers, you can easily leverage their influence over their audience and also reach your marketing goals.

In this article, you'll discover how to start your first YouTube influencer marketing campaign.

Without wasting much time, let's dive deep.



When you view the creation of a YouTube influencer marketing campaign as the process of having someone endorse your products and/or services to an audience who trust their recommendations, then the benefits will become apparent.

Here are some of the benefits of YouTube influencer marketing and why you should consider working with YouTube influencers:

youtube influencer marketing campaign


In the social media landscape, the reach of a YouTube influencer is exceptional and essential. That's because YouTube videos are pushed to both non-subscribers who search for video and the creator's subscription base.

Sure, Instagram and Twitter can also do this same thing. But then, the case isn't the same on YouTube.

Firstly, the search rate for videos on YouTube is much more than other social media platforms. Secondly, YouTube has a more active user base.

In addition to maintaining thousands to millions of direct subscribers, YouTube influencers also have a good quality of reach.

Furthermore, YouTube influencers are more personable, down-to-earth, and loyal. Necessarily, there's a vast difference between the guy who hawks a car on Insta and a YouTube influencer whose channel is devoted to reviewing cars.

While the former is less-formal and organized, the latter transmits proficiency, which is translated to trust.

Brands that work with YouTube influencers have leveraged their influence into increased reach and more profits.

You can also gain the same benefits as well.



youtube influencer marketing campaign

YouTube influencer marketing helps a brand to grow their leads and engagements.

One of the signs for greater engagement with the market is when a YouTube influencer's audiences ask questions or post comments about products that are featured in the sponsored video.

Furthermore, brands can also get more leads when they respond to subscriber's questions and comments, offering more useful information about the featured products.

youtube influencer marketing campaign


Another great benefit of YouTube influencer marketing is that it can help to grow a brand's awareness and publicity.

Yeah, you heard that right.

You can leverage the YouTube influencer marketing campaign to introduce your brand to new markets.

Aside from that, some loyal audiences are more likely to trust the endorsements of the influencers they follow even if they do not know the brand prior.



Typically, a lot of people trust the recommendations made by YouTube influencers. So, you'd always expect conversions, including in-store and online sales to happen rapidly.



youtube influencer marketing campaign

When a YouTube influencer mentions your brand, that singular act helps to transfer trust and credibility as well.

Mostly for smaller brands, it can be challenging to:

  • Crack the "video advertising" in an approachable and not overly-corporate manner

  • craft a voice/personality that resonates with the present day's shoppers

This is the beauty of allowing YouTube influencers to create a video for your brand. Their audience already trusts their recommendations, and they'll feel persuaded to purchase your products and/or services.

The creators are also aware of the type of content their audience enjoys, and they can rapidly give your brand a voice on the rather crowded social media platform.



youtube influencer marketing campaign

One of the overlooked benefits of YouTube is that the videos posted on the platform usually last forever.

It's infrequent for video creators to take down a video. So many creators even prefer as much content as possible on their channel.

This is an excellent benefit for brands that want influencers to talk about them in the videos. After the one-time payment, the video will always be there for viewers.

Consider a radio spot or traditional TV. They run for some weeks and months, and afterward, they vanish.

This isn't the case on YouTube.

The video sponsorships on YouTube keeps bringing in extra dividends even after the video premieres.

Now that we've talked about the perks of YouTube influencer marketing, let's now discuss how to start your first YouTube influencer marketing campaign:



YouTubers are powerful social media influencers, and their purchase advice is beneficial.

For brands, YouTube influencer marketing allows brands to connect with consumers.

In this section, we'll show you how to start your first YouTube influencer marketing campaign to promote your brand, products, and/or services.

youtube influencer marketing campaign


Just like other forms of marketing, you need first to define your YouTube influencer marketing goals.

Brands need to define the goals for their YouTube campaigns.

  • Do you want to generate more leads?

  • Maybe you want to get more sales?

  • Reach a wider audience?

It's essential to define an obvious and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goal. It's also good to identify some key performance indicators that you can use to measure the progress of the campaign.

When you haven't defined the goal of your campaign, it'd be inappropriate to start looking for YouTube influencers.

Want to know why?

The objectives of your campaign will determine the kind of influencers you should reach out to.

youtube influencer marketing campaign


Now that your goal is defined, the next thing is to ensure that the details of the campaign are clearly defined and planned.

For a campaign to be successful, brands and their influencers need to be on the same page. So, it's essential to discuss timelines, budgets, and expectations openly.

Even though most businesses know the message they want to convey, it's usually challenging to understand how to get there.

Through influencer marketing, you can collaborate with YouTube influencers to develop calls to action, video length, content styles, and launch dates that'll lead to the best results.

By properly defining the attributes of your campaign and mapping out the steps needed to get there, you'll save confusion and time while also maximizing campaign effectiveness.




After defining your goals and having a clear plan, the next thing is to find and partner with influencers.

At this stage, it's essential to select influencers that you share similar values with and those who love the kind of videos that they create.

When you randomly partner with a YouTube influencer, you might not get any significant results from the collaborations.

You need to examine the relevance of your product to the influencer's content. In the same vein, you can as well consider their engagement and reach. It's also recommended that you find out how the influencers have partnered with brands in the past.

One way to find influencers is by running a Google or YouTube search to get a collection of the most famous YouTube creators or influencers.

Afterward, you can narrow down the list based on your niche and the influencer's engagement, reach, their number of subscribers, etc.

youtube influencer marketing campaign


After you've selected your influencers, the next thing is to reach out to and create content with them.

At this stage, it's essential to let the YouTube influencers do what they know best.

Most influencers have years of professional experience in video production, and they know how to produce engaging content.

According to this report, 51% of surveyed marketers mentioned that influencer content performed better than brand-created content.

When you give YouTube influencers the flexibility with their videos, they'll create sponsored content that feels more authentic and organic.

youtube influencer marketing campaign


In some cases, YouTube influencers might need some specific resources. But this depends on the type of video being created.

Perhaps they'd need access to a specific version/color or model of a brand's products. They might need to shoot at a location.

They'd like to interview someone from a specific company, or they might have special production needs around props, extras, and equipment.

It's always great to help YouTubers with any of the resources they might need. That way, you'll make their job easier. For instance, you can help influencers by handling logistical or administrative responsibilities.

The production and launch of videos require paperwork, coordination, and people. You can always ask the influencer to inform you about specific areas where you can add value to the campaign process.



For any relationship or endeavor to work, proper communication needs to be in place. In the same vein, brands need to remain attentive and available to YouTube influencers.

During a campaign, you need to be expectant and prepared for unforeseen influencer obstacles, questions, or call for clarifications.

You also need to have a point person whose duty is to remind the influencers about significant dates throughout the campaign.

The person should also inform the influencer about any modifications to the agreed-upon plan from the brand side.

youtube influencer marketing campaign


Brands that have recorded success in their YouTube influencer marketing efforts need to maintain a good relationship with influencers even after the end of the campaign.

One way to achieve this is by keeping the influencers informed about company news, new products, and services.

Furthermore, brands can send "freebies" and discounts to the influencers and also invite them to industry events and company parties. That way, brands can easily maintain and manage a positive and long-lasting relationship with their influencers.

One way to achieve this is by using influencer marketing agencies.

In addition to helping brands connect with the right influencers, these agencies can also assist in managing partnership even after campaigns.



Influencers and brands are both entities with vested interests and long-term goals. So, it's imperative to define the partnership in writing clearly.

Legal agreements between YouTube influencers and brands do not only define deliverables, expectations, and roles, but they also help to protect both parties.

One great way to ensure that your agreement doesn't contain unnecessary complications or misunderstandings is by working with a lawyer who is familiar with influencer marketing and YouTube influencers.



This article is a perfect new year gift that you can hand over to anyone looking forward to starting their first YouTube influencer marketing campaign.

If you've ever been planning to start marketing on YouTube, then this year, you need to be intentional and savvy about it.

YouTube is a social media platform that gives you the flexibility to do something a bit off-the-wall.

Just like we mentioned, it's always good to approach influencers and the campaign with a long-term mindset.

Establish a long-lasting relationship with influencers that are beneficial partners. Engage appropriately with followers that comment on the videos created.

Also, always remember that in a YouTube influencer marketing campaign, you're not only building a relationship with the influencer but very significantly, with their audience.

We do hope that you find this article useful.

What are your thoughts? What can you say about YouTube influencer marketing? Have you worked with YouTube influencers? What was your experience? Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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